“Deck The Balls” Holiday Art Auction!

12/12 Deadline is here! All day delivery at the 619 Western Ave building on the 4th Floor S, call 206-473-2103 (Jen) for directions or if you have any problems getting to the square!

Happy Holidays Everyone! It’s that time of year again and we’ve come up with a creative way to have fun with the season and incorporate art and design into a community project for the entire community to be involved with!


Here is a breakdown of how the auction will work:

Pick up your holiday ornament at The Alliance For Pioneer Square office at 2nd and Yesler where you will have a first come, first serve pick of one of three sizes of round holiday hanging ornaments to decorate/paint/etc. Call 206-624-0978 or email lisa@pioneersquare.org to arrange pickup at The Alliance office. If you cannot make it during the daytime business hours, you can pick up ornaments at the 619 Western Building by appointment with Jen Vertz at 206-473-2103.

The deadline for ornaments to be delivered is on December 12th at 4pm. Make sure to leave a business card with all contact info with your ornament.

The silent auction will begin on the 14th of December and will run through the 16th at 7:00 pm at Tat’s Deli. 50% of the final bid will go to the artist, and 50% to The Alliance for Pioneer Square. The minimum bids on each ornament will be as follows UNLESS you specify another minimum. Small ornaments (approx. 3.5 inches in diameter) will have a $25.00 minimum bid, Medium ornaments (approx. 5.5 inches in diameter) will have a $35.00 minimum bid, Large ornaments (approx 8 inches in diameter) will have a $45 minimum bid. All bids will need to increase in increments of at least $5.00.

Once final bids have closed on Dec. 16th at 7:00pm, all payment will need to be processed through The Alliance. Winners can pick up their ornaments at Tat’s Deli once they’ve checked out with The Alliance staff.

A new organization, The Alliance for Pioneer Square is adding to the strength and talent of the neighborhood. They are bringing together new board members, new staff, a new name, and new energy for the neighborhood. They are committed to a focus on neighborhood and economic revitalization building on the assets of our Historic District.

Read more about the organization and its support for Pioneer Square, it’s residents, businesses and everyone from tourists to artists who come through this central and historic part of the city:
The New Pioneer Square Blog!

Please get in touch with Jen Vertz at pioneersquareart@gmail.com or Lisa Dixon at 201 Yesler Way to get your ornament today!

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  2. Ornaments are getting painted on and time is running out to get your holiday hands on one! Get in touch with either Lisa or Jen asap to get yours now! Thanks to all the amazing artists who’ve chosen to participate in this project with us!

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