Deck The Ball Ornament Photos!

And the race is on to get your bids in, now through the end of business on December 16th at Tat’s Deli, Delicatus and Built Burger in Pioneer Square! Get to all three locations to check out these crafty handmade holiday delights~ and a great gift to buy for someone while supporting an amazing group of artists as well as The Alliance for Pioneer Square!

Here is a photo sampling of a few of the ornaments, but you’ll have to make it out to see the entire group of them in person!

Bid books will be available in each location. Happy Holidays Everyone!


Ornament by: Trapp


Ornament by: Yvette Simone


Ornament by: Duffy


Ornament by: Chris Sheridan


Ornament by: Lynn Schirmer


Ornament by: Clara Gardner


Ornament by: William E. Shields


Ornament by: Neil P. Doherty


Ornament by: Redd Walitzki


Ornament by: Little Jen

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